Thomas West, MBB


Thomas West, MBB
I am passionate about helping organizations get better, by helping people be their best. My role as an ASQ Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt is to coach and mentor others to become creative problem-solvers and passionate change agents. This can only be achieved by giving others the tools, skills, and mindset they need to make and lead change.


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White Belt Course Description

The White Belt certification provides a high-level overview of Lean Six Sigma. White Belt is the entry-level certificate in the belt series, with no prerequisite learning required. The main focus is to discuss the value that Lean Six Sigma can bring to an organization. Specifically, the culture Lean Six Sigma helps to create.


The White Belt certification is perfect for individuals looking to familiarize themselves with the terms and fundamental concepts of Lean Six Sigma.


The certification program consists of a 60-minute training program that includes lecture, video, and downloadable content. The learner will need to pass a 20-question certification exam following the training. Upon completing the exam, the learner will have immediate access to a digital certificate.

White Belt Course Learning Objectives

Course Content

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  • Quizzes
Approx. 90 minutes to 2 hours to complete

Suggested: You can complete this in one sitting, but probably best to break it up over a few days.

Beginner level

This is an introductory course.

Free downloadable resources

Includes tool templates and info graphics to download.


Key learning objectives are complimented by a series of video lectures.

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Certificate of completion

Digital certificate is available on download.

White Belt Reviews

I have really enjoyed this training so far. I love how the material is easy to read and understand.

Leilanie Diaz Cortes
Jane Pauley Community Health Clinic

The content delivery supports various types of learning. I enjoyed applying the information by matching real-life examples to the terms.

Sara Panczyk

This course was very easy to follow and quickly identifies entry level Six Sigma concepts. This course builds great foundation to build upon as someone progresses through the belts!

Todd Stipetich

I found value in all of the information that was presented to me for the White Belt Certification.

Sara Standlee
The Jane Pauley Health Center

Very knowledgeable and great for teaching me how to improve my own processes in and out of work as well.

Matthew O'Meara
GadellNet Consulting

Great course! Loved the flashcards feature.

Brooklynn Guerrettaz
University of Indianapolis

The course is great! The information is easily digestible and explained very well.

Tanner Thompson

This has been a very easy to understand training course.

Erika B Breen
The Jane Pauley Community Health Center

Useful teaching on basics of Lean Six Sigma.

Andrew Brougher
Jane Pauley Health Center

Great education

Nicholas Stone

Green Dot has been informative and easy to understand throughout my training.

Christina Christenson

I enjoyed learning about the waste acronym and how the Six Sigma belts are representation of growth and the beauty in the process of growing. The White Belt training was informative and to be honest I was a little hesitant because I am a hands… Read more “I enjoyed learning about the”

Janelle Jenkins
Jane Pauley Community Health Center

This tremendous entry-level course laid out what future curriculum may include. 10/10 would recommend it!

Austin Schultz
GadellNet Consulting Services

Just starting training and I am already planing out ways to utilize the beginning processes I have learned so far! Much more to come!

Brian Friese

Very rewarding thus far.

Jane Pauley Community Health Center

A great, easy-to-understand explanation of Six Sigma White Belt.

Jamie Wottowa

This program provided a basis for understanding quality improvement. I appreciate the variety of resources to cater to different learning styles.

Madison Holmberg
UIndy - MOT

Truly enjoyed the interactive learning process of understanding the lean six sigma process!

Abbie Alter

Excellent, and unironically clear and concise training. 10/10!

Joe Pollack