Thomas West, MBB


Thomas West, MBB
I am passionate about helping organizations get better, by helping people be their best. My role as an ASQ Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt is to coach and mentor others to become creative problem-solvers and passionate change agents. This can only be achieved by giving others the tools, skills, and mindset they need to make and lead change.


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The Introduction to Change Management course addresses the human side of change for any change initiative. Change management is about increasing awareness, acceptance, and alignment around an idea. A key focus of change management is to understand who is potentially impacted by the change and to engage that person, or group of people, in the change through effective communication.

In this course the learner will be provided some basic tools to help them experience higher projects success rates. After completing the Introduction to Change Management course, the learner will understand the importance of:

  • Creating a shared need for a project by clearly articulating what the problem is and why it is important to fix.
  • Shaping a vision by having a clear goal in mind.
  • Mobilizing commitment by organizing people and activities to drive action.


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