User Needs Statement

User Needs Statement

The User Needs Statement is an actionable problem statement that summarizes who the user is, what the user’s specific needs is, and why that needs is important. The User Needs Statement is completed during the Define phase of the Design process to help define the problem from the customer’s perspective.

The User Needs Statement helps the team think about what they want their solution to do, not how. Aligns the design team around a specific and actionable problem.

The User should describe a specific persona or customer group. The user should have been the focus of your team’s ethnographic research, interviewing, and empathy activities. It is helpful to use a tagline or catchphrase that helps to characterize who the user is.

The Need should be real and representative of specific persona’s or customer group’s needs. The need should never be stated as a solution. Reminder: In some cases, the user may not always know what they need. In this case, the design team needs to look for the user’s unstated need, or unconscious desires.

The Insight, or Goal, should be rooted in empathy. The insight should detail what the user will accomplish once their need is satisfied. As you articulate your insights, think about the user’s hopes, fears, challenges, and motivations.

To learn more about completing a User Needs Statement, please refer to the resources provided below.

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