Continuous Improvement Consulting
with a Human Touch

Our Approach to Improvement

We encourage leading from
the head, heart, and gut.

Inspire action.

Then get out of the way.

No wants wants to be dependent on an outside consultant to drive improvement. We don’t want that either. Our approach to continuous process improvement starts with the end in mind.


The very first question we ask in any engagement is, “who do we need to develop and empower to own improvement once we are gone?” Often times, solving problems is as simple as unleashing the creative potential of your organization’s workforce by encouraging people to bring their whole selves to work – improving from the head, the heart, and the gut.

Empowerment is essential to any transformation.

Starting point

Start where you are.

When you empower others to participate, you get an honest and accurate reflection of where you currently are. Not where you think you are. Or where you think you should be. But a real assessment of where you are and what is possible.


Change happens by the people, not to the people.

When you empower others to participate, you get more ideas than you could possibly act on. And improvement just don’t occur through projects. It begins to occur through everyday activities, as people find ways to add value in little ways, which add up to big results.

Sustainable improvement results

Sustained results.

When you empower others to participate, not only are your results better, they are sustained longer. Because the ideas behind each change came from the people who do the work, accountability to implement the ideas and sustain the ideas will be higher.

How Our Approach to Continuous Process Improvement Consulting is Different

We believe wholeheartedly that the answers to your organization’s biggest problems exist somewhere, in someone’s head, already inside your organization.

All you have to do is empower them to share it.

When organizations partner with us, they are often seeking to improve their results by solving a complex problem that is hampering their performance and pursuit of their most important goals.


When it comes to problem-solving we believe in acting as an “idea farmer”, helping to harvest the ideas that already exist within your organization.


To do that effectively. We believe there are three secret ingredients:


  1. Seek to improve the system, not just pieces and parts.
  2. Focus on engaging the hearts and minds of your employees. Give them permission to take risks and follow their gut.
  3. Go slow, to go fast. Their are no shortcuts in improvement. When it comes to improving business results, the best thing you can do is make an investment in your people.

Let's partner to bring about radical and lasting change. Check out our game-changing continuous process improvement consulting services and solutions.

Solutions and services for Sustained Process Improvement

Strategic Planning & Goal Setting

Support in designing and deploying your organization’s strategy.

Service offerings include:

  • Mission, Vision, Values Creation
  • Scenarios-Based Planning
  • 3-yr and 1-yr Plan – Annual Goal Setting
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Customer Personas
  • Strategy Activation (Catchball)

Professional Training and Certification

Provide work-class professional training, certification, and learning experiences.

Certification offerings include:

  • Design Thinking
  • Lean Six Sigma (White – Black Belt)
  • Change Leadership
  • A3 Thinking
  • Project Sponsorship
  • Project Management Basics

Project and Portfolio Management

Deploy a structured framework for organizing, prioritizing, and executing projects.

Service offerings include:

  •  Project Funnel Development
  • Project Selection
  • Project Governance
  • Project Scorecard
  • Project Planning
  • Rapid Improvement Events

We Specialize in Helping Achieve Breakthrough Results

Or as we like to say, we help organizations get better by helping their people be their best. Regardless of your industry, the same rule applies. People naturally want to make a difference through their work. Below is a list of how we have already helped some organizations.

Global Med Device Manufacturer

Deployed improvement huddles within work cells to improve efficiency by more than 75%.

Nationwide Pension Fund Administrator

Organized a project portfolio of work to facilitate the organization’s digitization strategy.

Regional Health System

Engaged staff in hospital turnaround project resulting in $14M in savings and a increase in employee engagement by 50%.

IT Service Provider

Invest in over 100 trained Yellow Belts who have led 40+ improvement projects aimed at improving the customer service.

When it comes to improvement, how far you go, has quite a bit to do with how much you have in your head.

Transformation Requires New Thinking.

Never Stop Learning.

Online continuous process improvement tools, templates, and training

Online Learning

Attend one of our multiple online courses. We are working hard to provide you with an amazing learning experience on your schedule. Be sure to check out our Online Courses in the Green Dot Academy.

In-person and Virtual Workshops

We’d love to nerd out with you in person. Be sure to check out our Workshops through the Green Dot Academy.

Tools and Templates

Our Resource Center is full of nerdy stuff. Equip yourself with the tools and templates you will need in order to change the world.

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