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A bad process will beat a good person every time. Our business process improvement consultant services will help to improve processes, because people deserve to work with great processes.

We believe that working with great processes can lead to joy. Being happy at work can lead to being happy at home. Life is short, you have to love what you do, and do what you love. Because in the end, organizations don’t change the world. People do.

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Organizations don’t change the world. People do.

At Green Dot Consulting Group, our business process improvement consultant services are committed to people-building. Our belief is that all successful transformations start by focusing on the people first, giving them the skills they need to make and lead change.


It is our goal to inspire cultures where everyone feels like they are embraced as part of a caring work family. Through these families, relationships, and collaborations people can achieve great things, going home each day knowing they made a positive difference through their work.

Thank you for visiting the Green Dot’s website. I hope that the website provided you with the tools and knowledge you were looking for to help in your improvement journey. When I founded the Green Dot, I hoped to create an company that was playful, fun, and approachable. Change is hard. And there is no need to make things more complicated by presenting process improvement in a complex, numbers-centered fashion. Instead, I believe it is important to remind people that process improvement is just as much about the people side of change as it is anything else. Through this website and through my consulting services my primary goal has been to give people the tools they need, the skills they need, and the mindset they need to make lasting change – and hopefully have fun while doing it.

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