That Human Centered Design Spark for Igniting Business Brilliance

That Human Centered Design Spark for Igniting Business Brilliance

At the 2024 HSPI Conference in Atlanta, I participated in the design thinking workshop that provided me with enlightening and transformative knowledge. Tom West was a very engaging facilitator who gave the participants a collaborative and creative thinking atmosphere. The workshop not only provided valuable tools, handouts, examples, and techniques for problem-solving but also instilled a deeper understanding of empathy-driven design.

Through hands-on templates and Tom’s hair-cutting case study with him and his boys, I gained invaluable insights into user-centric approaches that have since revolutionized my thinking on human-centered design thinking to innovation. Tom’s expertise and passion for design thinking were palpable, creating an experience in the workshop where ideas flowed from a very diverse group. I left the workshop feeling empowered and equipped with a newfound confidence to tackle complex challenges creatively. Without a doubt, this workshop has been a catalyst for positive change in both my professional and personal endeavors with human-centered design. I highly recommend Tom and his Workshop!

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