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To help get everyone on the same page, consider using a Team Charter Canvas. Whether it is a project team or a committee, it is important that everyone understands why the work is important and what the team’s goals are.

The Team Charter Canvas helps the team document important information about the work, to help bring clarity to the group. This document is a visual way to document who project team members are and what the expectations are for the project. Also, the document will help to clarify the project scope and desired outcomes – as well as connect the project goal to the customer’s definition of value and the organization’s strategic goals.

Project Team Charter Canvas

The Team Charter Canvas, much like the project charter is a living document. As the project is executed, the team will gather new learning that will allow them to further clarify their goals and objectives. As this occurs, the project team should update the canvas accordingly.

To learn more about applying the Team Charter Canvas to your projects, please refer to the provided video. If you are ready to adopt the template, please complete the form below, or add the template to your cart.

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