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When discussing the need for a project and advising on best practice, try to summarize your recommendation using an SBAR. SBAR is an acronym that stands for situation, background, analysis, and recommendation. We have found that this format is useful for creating and communicating a project’s business case.

S = Situation – The situation component of the document is used to clearly explain what the problem is.

B = Background – The background section allows the author to provide details on how long the problem has been occurring, where the problem is occurring, and how is being impacted.

A = Assessment – The assessment section is used to share the analysis that has been performed to measure and capture the impact of the problem on the business, the customer, and the operator. The assessment section also allows the author to highlight any business risk, as well as highlight the benefit that can be realized should the project be successful. The assessment section can also be used to highlight how the project aligns with the organization’s goals.

R = Recommendation – In regard to process improvement, the recommendation section is typically used to discuss the project approach, project timeline, the ideal project team (project manager, owner, sponsor, SMEs, etc.), and the importance of prioritizing the project.

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