Customer Requirements Tree (PPT)



Customer Requirement Tree

When chartering improvement work or navigating change it is important to capture voice of the customer, or VOC . VOC is used to understand the customer’s requirements in measurable terms.

Once the project team has captured the customer’s requirements, they need to translate these requirements and communicate them broadly. With this information the operators are better equipped to execute with the customer’s definition of value in mind.

You will notice that within the improvement community the words Customer Requirement Tree and Critical to Quality (CTQ) Tree can be used interchangeably.

To complete the tool:
1). Identify the Customer’s Needs
Be sure to use the customer’s words when defining good quality. Also, if the customer has more than one requirement or expectation of the product or service, you will want to create more than one tree.

2). Identify the Drivers
These are the factors that must be present in order to satisfy the customer’s requirements. Identify the specific activities and processes that satisfy the customer’s requirements.

3). Identify the Measurable Performance Requirements
These are the parameters and goals (measurable outcomes) that must be achieved to satisfy the customer’s expectations.

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