The success of any project depends on clear goals, effective communication, and careful coordination of project resources.

Nerdy change management and project management tools and templates galore...

Template for creating an SBAR (situation, background, assessment, recommendation).


When discussing the need for a project, try to summarize your recommendation using an SBAR.

Project Business Case Canvas template

Business Case Canvas

The Business Case Canvas helps you to convey why the project should be selected and prioritized, all on one page.

Project charter template used to provide a high-level overview of the project scope, deliverables, and resources.

Project Charter

Get your project started on the right foot by getting approval of scope, timeline, and resources.

Communication Plan

Communication Plan

It is important that a plan exist to help facilitate effective communication during your project.

Stakeholder Analysis template

Stakeholder Analysis

Managing stakeholder expectations starts with a stakeholder's analysis, a tool that helps to keep everyone engaged and informed throughout.

Tips and tricks for improving meeting effectiveness

Meeting Management

Apply these tips and tricks to improve the effectiveness of your meetings.

Template for creating a meeting agenda.

Meeting Agenda

Does your organization use a standardized meeting agenda template? Do they send the agenda out 24hrs in advance?

Stop light report, weekly status update

Weekly Status Report

Creating transparency around the project's health and status is critical to the projects success. Ideally, projects should be statused every 2 weeks.

Template for establishing meeting ground rules.

Ground Rules

To promote team effectiveness, generate a list of team ground rules that will guide the team on acceptable behaviors.

Summary of meeting roles, which include leader/facilitator, scribe, time keeper, presenter, and process checker.

Meeting Roles

If you aren't using meeting roles you should. These five roles are game changers for driving engagement.


Using AIDET helps to facilitate introductions, while establishing clear expectations.

Template for facilitating plus/deltas at the end of the meeting.

Plus/Deltas and Parking Lot

To help keep the team on task and to collect important feedback to make future meetings better, use a Parking Lot and Plus/Deltas.

5 Stages are team formation - forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning.

Team Formation

By applying situational leadership can help teams accelerate through the team formation process.

Fist to Five is useful for helping to build team consensus

Fist to Five

When building consensus, consider using the fist to five tool to quickly poll the audience.

Before activating a project, complete a Change Readiness Assessment

Change Readiness Assessment

Periodically reviewing the organization's level of change readiness can lead to better awareness and acceptance of change efforts.

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