Weekly Project Status Report

Keep the project on track by routinely evaluating its overall health.

When implementing any project it is critical that the project team and project leadership routinely evaluate the project’s performance to goal.


The Project Weekly Status Report template helps create transparency on the project’s health on a week-to-week basis or every other week cadence. The tool helps capture important project results and escalate project risks before becoming a major issue.


The Project Weekly Status Report template includes sections to document the project’s overall health status, a summary of major project milestones, open project risks or issues, and a review of work accomplished. The status report is typically supported by a risk escalation plan which helps project team members, project owners, project managers, and sponsors to understand how to act and behave when the project is in good health (green) versus being at risk (yellow or red).


To learn more about how to implement Weekly Status Reports, please view our brief overview video. For most organizations, the Weekly Status Report helps standardize its project status reporting process. Through these routine check-ins, project team members and leaders can detect project risks and then implement corrective action to help get the project back on track.

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The Weekly Project Status Report template is a great tool for creating and communicating the project’s major achievements, performance to goal, next steps, issues encountered, and any corrective actions that are being recommended to help keep the project on track. If you aren’t currently using a standard template for suggesting monitoring the health and status of your projects, please consider adopting use of a Weekly Status Report.

Monitoring the performance of a project and its contribution to the organization’s overall strategy is a critical role for project managers and sponsors. To learn more about the basics of project management and sponsoring projects, please visit our Introduction to Project Sponsorship Certification Course.

Introduction to Project Sponsor Training, continuous improvement certifications

The project sponsor plays a critical role in the success of an organization’s change initiatives. To get the total value out of its change initiatives, the organization must invest in leadership the skills they will need to help govern project activities. Effective project sponsorship helps ensure that the organization is working on the right projects and that the project teams have adequate support.

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