Responsibility Matrix (RACI)

Apply RACI to clarify project (or process) ownership

Whether you are trying to clarify ownership for important tasks associated with completing a project or process steps for delivery certain products or services to a customer, the RACI matrix helps to clarify who owns what deliverables and activities.


The Responsibility Matrix, also known as the RACI Matrix, is used to help the project team assign ownership for each deliverable or task associated with the project. Additionally, RACI can be used to identify who owns what step within a process.


Using the acronym RACI, the project team conducts work to identify what department/s, role/s, or person/s are responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed for each individual deliverable. Ultimately, the RACI Matrix helps the team understand and delegate responsibility of who does what.


The person or stakeholder who is responsible for making sure that an activity is completed. This is the person who does the work.


The person or stakeholder who is the “owner” of the work and the result. This person gives the responsible person the authority to do the work and signs off on the completion of the task.


People or stakeholders who are consulted (give input) on how the task should be completed and what good looks like.


These are the people or stakeholders who need to be kept informed of the status of the task and how it might impact them.

The true power of the RACI isn’t in just defining the activities and who owns them but in visualizing if the work is balanced. Making sure one team isn’t overburdened or that there aren’t crossed wires on who is owning what. The screenshot below helps teams/organizations understand how to interpret the RACI.

To complete the RACI exercise, apply the following steps:

  1. Form a team and what project or process is in scope.
  2. Define and list out the key stakeholders (i.e. the people involved in or impacted by the process/project).
  3. Document each individual process step or project task/milestone/deliverable.
  4. Review each step or task and assign ownership (using RACI),
  5. Review assignments and ensure there is no unnecessary risks  caused due to ownership. Resolve any conflict of ownership.

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The 5 Whys Analysis is a simple and effective approach for clarifying ownership of a project task or process step. This topic is a core concept of leading teams as a project sponsor. To learn more about improving your skills as a project sponsor, please visit our Introduction to Project Sponsorship  Course.

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