Mind Mapping


What is Mind Mapping?

Mind mapping is a structured brainstorming technique that allows an individual or a team to organize their ideas around a central theme. The mind map tool serves as a visual way for teams to show the association between the core theme, major ideas (connected directly to the core idea), and the supporting ideas (connected to the major ideas).

Mind Mapping - Step 1 - Create a Central Theme

Mind Mapping Step 1: List the Central Theme

Starting in the middle of the page or whiteboard, post the central idea or theme. The central idea or theme is the starting point of the map and represents the topic you are going to explore further.

Mind Mapping - Step 2 - Create Branches for Major Ideas

Mind Mapping Step 2: Identify Branches from Central Theme

Branch off of the central idea. These branches are not restricted and can occur naturally as additional ideas are brainstormed.

Mind Mapping - Step 3 - Create Additional Branches for Supporting Ideas to Major Ideas

Mind Mapping Step 3: List Supporting Ideas

After the major ideas have been identified, add appropriate supporting ideas to complete the thought, or to bring clarity to the major idea.

Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping is a critical tool for keeping an individual’s or team’s ideas organized around a central theme during a brainstorming session. This then allows for the creation of a visual map of a core theme, major ideas, and supporting ideas. This topic is a core concept of applying creative problem-solving through design thinking. To learn more about design, please visit our Introduction to Design Thinking Course.

The Design Thinking course teaches a creative problem-solving that will give any professional an advantage in their industry or career.


  • Designers or Product Development professionals that are motivated to bring innovative new products and services to their business and customers.
  • Consultants who want to offer their clients a model for applying creative problem-solving to help address business challenges.
  • Human Resource professionals seeking to develop more human-centered solutions to support workforce members while driving higher levels of employee engagement.
  • Members of Leadership who are wishing to gain competitive advantage by differentiating their business’s products and services.
  • Individuals or Teams that are searching for new ways to solve complex problems by placing the customer’s needs at the center of their solutions.
Design Thinking Training, continuous improvement certifications

This course will help expose the learner to various design thinking tools and mental models – all with the emphasis on innovating through creative problem-solving.


Our objective is to provide the learner with practical tools for applying a versatile 3-step design thinking process within their organizations. Through this framework, the learner will be able to reframe problems from the customer’s perspective. With this perspective in mind, the learner will drive improvements around the customer experience using tools such as deep-dive interview, journey mapping, empathy mapping, and rapid prototyping.

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