Design Sprint

Creatively solving problems on short timelines

The Design Sprint seeks to solve big problems in a rapid fashion, over a week’s timeline, using Design Thinking tools. In many ways, the Design Sprint is similar to Lean’s Kaizen event improvement methodology.


A common framework for applying Design Thinking to solve a problem is use of a Design Sprint. 


The primary focus of the Design Sprint is to get a small team of Designers (usually 8-10 people, from cross functional areas of the organization) together to create and test a  working prototype that will solve a business problem.

Design Thinking - Design Sprint - A Design Sprint is a 5-day event that uses Design Thinkinging to creatively solve complex problems.

Over the course of the week, the Design Team will immerse themselves in the problem to understand the opportunity from the customer’s perspective. Then, after reframing the problem the Designers will prioritize their ideas for improvement, develop prototypes, and test their ideas.

5 Day Design Sprint

The key focus of the Design Sprint is to apply empathy to understand the problem through the customer’s point of view. Through this lens, the Design Team is able to more effectively create solutions that better serve the customer’s needs.

Some tools that are commonly applied during the Design Sprint include:


To learn more about the process of facilitating a Design Sprint, and the benefits the method can provide to your organization, please refer to the provided video.

The Sprint method is all about accelerating the organization’s learning around what unmet needs might exist or significant opportunities might exist within the customer’s experience. Through this fast-paced application of Design Thinking, the team can quickly create a test solutions to identify what innovative ideas have the most merit for being deployed full scale.

An important thing to remember is that Design Thinking is not meant to replace an organization’s improvement methodology, but is meant to compliment how an organization is already driving internal change initiatives.

Design Thinking - Design Sprint - A Design Sprint is a 5-day event that uses Design Thinkinging to creatively solve complex problems.

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Facilitating a Design Sprint is a key topic discussed in our Design Thinking Fundamentals course. To learn more about the course and the other Design Thinking tools, please visit our Design Thinking Fundamentals Certification Course.

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