Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is a structured brainstorming technique that allows an individual or a team to organize their ideas around a central theme. The mind map tool serves as a visual way for teams to show the association between the core theme, major ideas (connected directly to the core idea), and the supporting ideas (connected to the major ideas).

Step 1: List the Central Theme

Starting in the middle of the page or whiteboard, post the central idea or theme. The central idea or theme is the starting point of the map and represents the topic you are going to explore further.

Step 2: Identify Branches from Central Theme

ch off of the central idea. These branches are not restricted and can occur naturally as additional ideas are brainstormed.

Mind Mapping

Step 3: List Supporting Ideas

After the major ideas have been identified, add appropriate supporting ideas to complete the thought, or to bring clarity to the major idea.

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