Improvement Nerds Podcast: Episode 31

Episode 31

Design Thinking in an Agile Way

Good design. There is a process for that.

How many creative types do you know that can nerd out about Design Thinking and Agile Project Management?

Yeah, not many.

My guest for Episode 31, Sheena Birt, does that and opens the door for how combining the best of left-brain thinking and right-brain thinking can lead to awesome design in an organized, repeatable way.

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Episode 31

Design Thinking in an Agile Way

Ever walk by a product or a visual that made you stop and ask, “how did they do that?”. 

Behind the design is a strong creative mind, no doubt. But don’t mistake that that creative person was also disciplined. Good design is about a great ideas AND execution of those ideas.

Key Takeaways From the Interview of design thinking in an agile way

  • Try to approach design with strategy in mind. Think about the big picture. Consider the outcome you want.
  • Good design can serve as an integral piece of your brand. If done consistently, the images you create will be associated with brand as a quick reference for your customer.
  • Design isn’t just about the product or the visual, it is about the atmosphere as well as the personal interactions between customers and employees. All of it has to be coordinated.
  • Executing an idea is just as important, if not more important than the idea itself.
  • Cloud-based tools, some of which are free, can allow you to experiment with new ways for organizing your work.
  • Implementing agile doesn’t require you to be certified. You can start by creating a backlog of all the work you want to do. Set a workcycle, most commonly a week. Fill up your weekly “to-do” list with task from your backlog and work through your list moving things from “to-do”, to “doing” to “done”.

About the Guest

Sheena Birt is the owner of Color Story Studio. She partners with businesses to improve their in-person guest experience through visual displays, custom lighting, and installations. Sheena is passionate about helping business owners grow their reach and revenue by creating inspiring spaces people can’t stop talking about. Having over a decade of experience designing retail spaces, Sheena uses her hands-on ability plus design sense to create work for some of Indianapolis’ most recognizable retailers and event spaces.  Sheena received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Fashion Design with a minor in Fiber Arts. There, she discovered a love of repetitive processes that continues to influence her work today. Sheena lives in Indianapolis with her husband, Ezra, and their cat, Maddie. When she isn’t working she enjoys reading, running, meal planning and cooking.

How to Connect with the Guest

Be sure to connect with Sheena and follow her journey as she takes design to a whole new level with her company the Color Story Studio.

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