Improvement Nerds Podcast: Episode 24

Episode 24

Innovation Profiles

Innovation Profiles

In Episode 24, Innovation Profiles, Lori Lovens and I nerd out about the important role that trust and safety play in innovation. We also discuss the innovation spectrum on how people naturally innovate and improvise, while others seek to stabilize and maintain.

As Lori puts it, we all are on a scale of change from chaos to order. On the ends are destructive chaos and stifling control. But in the middle exists space for change and innovation to actually occur through creative chaos and constructive order.

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Episode 24

Innovation Profiles

In Episode 24, Innovation Profiles, I nerd out with Lori Lovens about people’s natural instincts to innovate or to stay the same.

Lori is a dynamic innovator who delivered hundreds of millions of dollars of product innovation growth for Gatorade and other global brands. Her deep understanding of innovation, from ideation through commercialization, was developed over the past 25 years via immersion in hundreds of cross-functional projects as team member, project leader, marketing director, innovation coach, consultant, and VP Culture of Innovation.

At Innovation Savvy, Lori is leading the emerging field of The Human Dynamics of Innovation™.  Lori brings unique data-driven insights…a strengths-based analysis of how people and teams take action in response to risk, uncertainty  and ambiguity…to predict and improve how leaders and organizations navigate chaos and order as well as collaboration and innovation.

Lori earned her MBA from The University of Michigan and serves clients from the Global 100 to startups and nonprofits.  She is a Mentor at 1871, Chicago’s globally recognized Technology & Entrepreneurship community and  an active member of Conscious Capitalism and The Art of Hosting Community of Practice.  

Be sure to connect with Lori through her website and other social media channels:

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