Empathy Mapping

Empathy Mapping Design Thinking Process to unpack customer interviews

An Empathy map is a collaborative tool that is used by project teams to unpack customer interviews to synthesize information from their conversations and observations. The Empathy mapping tool helps teams gain deeper insights into what the customer was thinking and feeling.

The empathy mapping tool consists of four quadrants:


What did the customer say during the interview? What defining words were used? What are the key elements of the user’s story?

Ideally, the Say section will contain real quotes from the user, which were spoken during the interview.


What was the customer doing in the story they shared? What actions (such as changes in body language) and behaviors did you observe during the interview?



What might the customer be thinking? What occupies the customer’s thoughts? What does this tell you about his or her beliefs and motivations?



This section contains information about the user’s emotional state. What worries the user? What does the user get excited about? How does the user feel about the experience? What emotions might the customer be experiencing?


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