Design Sprint

Design Thinking - Design Sprint - A Design Sprint is a 5-day event that uses Design Thinkinging to creatively solve complex problems.

A common framework for applying Design Thinking to solve a problem is use of a Design Sprint. 

The Design Sprint seeks to solve big problems in a rapid fashion, over a week’s timeline, using Design Thinking tools.

The primary focus of the Design Sprint is to get a small team of Designers (usually 8-10 people, from cross functional areas of the organization) together to create and test a  working prototype that will solve a business problem.


5 Day Design Sprint

Over the course of the week, the Design Team will immerse themselves in the problem to understand the opportunity from the customer’s perspective. Then, after reframing the problem the Designers will prioritize their ideas for improvement, develop prototypes, and test their ideas.

Want to start using Design Thinking to solve problems?

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