Design Challenge Statement

Create a challenge that inspires the team


Framing the problem as a Design challenge helps the team orient themselves to the issue at hand. This step in the Design process is all about turning problems into opportunities. Framing the right challenge is key to getting the team started on the right foot – helping them to arrive at a desirable solution at the end of their project effort.

The Design Challenge Statement starts as a broadly scoped problem statement that is refined through a series of exploratory questions to arrive at a specific challenge that the team hopes to solve. The Challenge Statement should align the problem with the organization’s goals and inspire the team to want to solve the problem.

In many ways, the Challenge Statement will serve as the team’s call to action. It is a blend of the business’s needs and the customer’s needs. Pinpointing a potentially high-impact area, that if addressed could create a competitive advantage and strategic differentiation for the organization.

The Challenge Statement is a critical input into who needs to be on the team. But going beyond that, the Challenge Statement informs the team’s scope and what success looks like. To support the team formation efforts and to unite the team around a common goal, it is important that the Challenge Statement be one that:
  • Clarifies the team’s focus
  • Frames the problem as a problem statement. Describing the who, when/where, why, what, and how of the problem.
  • Inspires and motivates the team.
  • Creates a vision for what success looks like.

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