Customer 2×2 Matrix

Design Thinking Customer 2x2 Matrix used to evaluate problems and prioritize their importance based on the customer's perspective.

The Customer 2×2 is a visual way for categorizing the customer’s needs. The matrix is highly adaptive and can analyze various ideas from the customer’s perspective simply by changing the axes. In many ways, the Customer 2×2 is similar to the Kano model (a common tool in Lean Six Sigma), in that it helps to categorize the customer’s needs. However, the Kano model’s buckets are fixed to three categories: delighter, performance, and basic requirements. With the Customer 2×2, the categories are endless.

The Customer 2×2 also shares numerous properties with the PICK chart, which will be discussed in a future lesson. The key difference is that the Customer 2×2 is used to evaluate and prioritize what problem or need is most important to the customer. With the PICK chart, the team is often evaluating which solutions are most appropriate to prioritize.

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