The Improvement Kata

Through Daily Improvement, leaders adopt a mindset of asking and showing instead of telling, as part of developing others.

To help leaders effectively coach others, they are encouraged to practice the “Improvement Kata”. Or, more simply, leaders should perform Kata Coaching to help reinforce and hardwire the appropriate steps for effectively solving problems.

Kata coaching is based on the idea of “kata,” which is a Japanese term meaning “form” or “pattern.” In this context, kata refers to a structured routine or habit that individuals or teams can use to improve their skills and achieve their goals.

Leaders can use Kata Coaching to help team members develop the skills and habits needed to effectively identify and solve problems on a daily basis by simply asking the right questions.

Kata Coaching Cards

You will notice that the Kata Coaching Questions mirror the questions that are asked on the Daily Improvement Idea Card. This intentional alignment helps to reinforce the problem-solving process while helping teams and individuals effectively address the issue at hand. Kata coaching focuses on developing people by helping them to improve their problem-solving skills and encouraging them to take ownership of their work processes

A common practice for helping leaders become familiar with the Kata Coaching Questions is to print out and distribute quick reference cards. These cards help to guide the conversation while gaining traction on solving the problem. If your organization is not currently using Kata Coaching, consider downloading and deploying the quick reference cards provided below.

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Kata Coaching Cards

Kata Coaching is a powerful tool that leaders can use to support their organization’s daily improvement program by coaching team members on problem-solving skills and developing good continuous improvement habits

Please click here to download a copy of Green Dot’s Kata Coaching Cards.