Managing for Daily Improvement

Managing for Daily Improvement (MDI) is an improvement methodology that empowers and engages front line teams to make changes in the daily operations. MDI allows the organization to monitor and maintain work processes by promoting a culture of improvement.  The MDI huddle gives the team a chance to review improvement ideas and a guide to go from an idea to a finished project.

Thomas West, MBB


Thomas West, MBB
I am passionate about helping organizations get better, by helping people be their best. My role as an ASQ Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt is to coach and mentor others to become creative problem-solvers and passionate change agents. This can only be achieved by giving others the tools, skills, and mindset they need to make and lead change.

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Managing for daily improvement invites teams to regularly discuss and act on ideas to improve processes, systems, and outcomes.


By participating in regular improvement huddles, teams are engaging in sharing ideas, evaluating priorities, executing tactics, and monitoring improvements being made within the team’s scope of work. These improvements, although small and incremental, add up to tremendous efficiencies as the team seeks to get better every single day. By continuously identifying and addressing process barriers and inefficiencies teams will benefit from faster, more effective and easier to use processes.


The primary advantage of daily improvement is that it makes clear what success looks like, allowing teams to see when a problem exists. This allows for rapid and frequent course corrections in operations as the team takes ownership of addressing the gaps between where their current performance is and where it needs to be.

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