Introduction to Project Sponsorship

Effective project sponsorship helps ensure that the organization is working on the right projects and that the project teams have adequate support.

Thomas West, MBB


Thomas West, MBB
I am passionate about helping organizations get better, by helping people be their best. My role as an ASQ Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt is to coach and mentor others to become creative problem-solvers and passionate change agents. This can only be achieved by giving others the tools, skills, and mindset they need to make and lead change.

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The project sponsor plays a critical role in the success of an organization’s change initiatives. To get the total value out of its change initiatives, the organization must invest in leadership the skills they will need to help govern project activities. Effective project sponsorship helps ensure that the organization is working on the right projects and that the project teams have adequate support.

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Intro to Project Sponsorhip

I found this course overview very helpful in defining the path to take for problem solving and project management. I was able to pull various charts and information sheets to save and utilize for upcoming projects and problem solving in my practice.

Sara Standlee
The Jane Pauley Health Center
August 23, 2021

Kindling for the “Change Fire”

Absolutely loved the deliverables + educational downloads from the course. Helps me to better understand how to incorporate continuous improvement into my organization’s structure.

Spencer Brauchla
Crossroads Wellness Center
November 20, 2023

Good insight

Very thorough insight on project sponsorship and project management

Peter Lau
San Francisco Public Works
May 4, 2022

This is the way

I really liked the course and how each training section would roll right into the next. In my opinion, this made it easier to digest. I also really enjoyed the fact that there is downloadable content to be used as a resource when needed in the future.

Zack Long
July 31, 2022

This course was amazing.

This course was amazing. It is an in-depth course that teaches sponsors what they need to know, do, look for and ask to help ensure project success.

Fridaousse Ilanda
January 31, 2023

A Training that Sticks

Thanks for such an effective training. I look forward to implementing more of what I learned to my job!

Julie An
SF Public Works
May 29, 2021

Game changer

Sponsor training was very informative and helped gain perspective on project management, how to help the team to shift direction if needed, and follow a clear roadmap to achieve goals for improvement.

Cecille Jayo
Jane Pauley CHC
January 31, 2022

A Training That Sticks

Thanks so much for such a helpful course. I enjoyed the content and implementing what we learned into our real-life work settings. These topics are not something we learn in school so I’m grateful that my workplace offered this important training. I look forward to using what I learned and making it stick to more aspects of my job!

Julie An
SF Public Works
May 29, 2021

Great high-level overview

The course was a great high level on project management process and the use of continuous improvement tools.

Allison Hudgins
Publix Employees FCU
May 4, 2022