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We empower improvement,

by waging war on bad process.

We help to improve processes, using Lean Six Sigma and Continuous Process Improvement, because we believe people deserve to work with good, reliable process. Processes that help them make an impact – going home each day knowing they made a difference.


Empowerment is essential to any transformation.

Starting point

Start where you are.

When you empower others to participate, you get an honest and accurate reflection of where you currently are. Not where you think you are. Or where you think you should be. But a real assessment of where you are and what is possible.


Change happens by the people, not to the people.

When you empower others to participate, you get more ideas than you could possibly act on. And improvement just don’t occur through projects. It begins to occur through everyday activities, as people find ways to add value in little ways, which add up to big results.

Sustainable improvement results

Sustained results.

When you empower others to participate, not only are your results better, they are sustained longer. Because the ideas behind each change came from the people who do the work, accountability to implement the ideas and sustain the ideas will be higher.

Transformation Requires New Thinking.

Never Stop Learning.

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Improvement Nerds Podcast

Can your improvement nerd come out to play?

We believe that working with good processes can lead to joy. Being happy at work can lead to being happy at home.

Life is short, you have to love what you do, and do what you love. Because in the end, organizations don’t change the world. People do.

This is the core tenet of our podcast, our newsletter, and everything we do.

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There is a lot of good info in this course. Even as an LSS Greenbelt, this info will help me with the people side of change.

Scott Fitzgerald GadellNet Online Training and Certification January 22, 2021

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