Waging war on bad process

We empower improvement by investing in others. Giving them the skills they need to make and lead change, while making improvement a team sport.

Empowerment is essential to any transformation.

Process improvement consulting that empowers.

Starting point

Start where you are.

When you empower others to participate, you get an honest and accurate reflection of where you currently are. Not where you think you are. Or where you think you should be. But a real assessment of where you are and what is possible.


Change happens by the people, not to the people.

When you empower others to participate, you get more ideas than you could possibly act on. And improvement just don’t occur through projects. It begins to occur through everyday activities, as people find ways to add value in little ways, which add up to big results.

Sustainable improvement results

Sustained results.

When you empower others to participate, not only are your results better, they are sustained longer. Because the ideas behind each change came from the people who do the work, accountability to implement the ideas and sustain the ideas will be higher.

Solutions and Services for Sustained Process Improvement

Let's partner to bring about radical and lasting change. Check out our game-changing continuous process improvement consulting services and solutions.

Strategic Planning & Goal Setting

Support in designing and deploying your organization’s strategy.

Service offerings include:

  • Mission, Vision, Values Creation
  • Scenarios-Based Planning
  • 3-yr and 1-yr Plan – Annual Goal Setting
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Customer Personas
  • Strategy Activation (Catchball)

Professional Training and Certification

Provide work-class professional training, certification, and learning experiences.

Certification offerings include:

  • Design Thinking
  • Lean Six Sigma (White – Black Belt)
  • Change Leadership
  • A3 Thinking
  • Project Sponsorship
  • Project Management Basics

Project and Portfolio Management

Deploy a structured framework for organizing, prioritizing, and executing projects.

Service offerings include:

  •  Project Funnel Development
  • Project Selection
  • Project Governance
  • Project Scorecard
  • Project Planning
  • Rapid Improvement Events
Green Dot Mission, Vision, and Values

We help to improve processes, using Lean Six Sigma and Continuous Process Improvement, because we believe people deserve to work with good, reliable process.


We are passionate about creating processes that help organizations and their employees make an impact – going home each day knowing they made a difference.


For a list of the services that the Green Dot Group provides, please reference the attached Service Offerings List.

Check out our resource center to access our process improvement tools and templates

Transformation Requires New Thinking.

Never Stop Learning.

Online continuous process improvement tools, templates, and training

Online Learning

Attend one of our multiple online courses. We are working hard to provide you with an amazing learning experience on your schedule. Be sure to check out our Online Courses in the Green Dot Academy.

In-person and Virtual Workshops

We’d love to nerd out with you in person. Be sure to check out our Workshops through the Green Dot Academy.

Tools and Templates

Our Resource Center is full of nerdy stuff. Equip yourself with the tools and templates you will need in order to change the world.

Join us as we host conversations about everything improvement.


Nerd out with us as we dream about making the world a better place.


We hope you like to read about continuous process improvement. Because we love to write about it.

Improvement Nerds Podcast

Can your improvement nerd come out to play?

We believe that working with good processes can lead to joy. Being happy at work can lead to being happy at home.


Life is short, you have to love what you do, and do what you love. Because in the end, organizations don’t change the world. People do.


This is the core tenet of our podcast, our newsletter, and everything we do.

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Shelby Hudson

Great course! This prepared me to begin my Yellow Belt… Read more “Great course”

Vic Sweeting

The White Belt Certification was very helpful to begin thinking about how to become an agent for change and process improvement within a company or… Read more “Very helpful”

Katie West

Mr. West spearheaded quality improvement training for our leadership team and members of our quality council. The focus of the training was to help our leaders and caregivers evaluate and improve organizational processes to create a world-class patient experience, increase process reliability, and enhance workforce satisfaction. Learners enrolled in the course discovered new ways to approach problem-solving and the mindset to make and lead change. The partnership was a success, with learners commencing from the 2021 cohort. To assist in our relentless pursuit of excellence, Mr. West will facilitate a second cohort Yellow Belt Training to evaluate, prioritize, and execute… Read more “Spearheaded Quality Improvement Program”

Patrick Wooten
Jane Pauely Community Health Center

Nice format to be able to tackle on your own time. Well done short vingette videos, written material on the website, and… Read more “Quick, Easy, Effective”

Laura Baker
Jane Pauley Community Health Center
Gregory Denkman
LCMC Health

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Veronica Maghielse

This was very informative and all the videos helped as… Read more “This was very informative”

Elizabeth Kindler
Crossroads Wellness Center

This course was such an incredibly rewarding experience. The well-structured platform and comprehensive course material made it easy to learn at my own pace while ensuring a thorough understanding of each concept. Collaborative opportunities with fellow participants and prompt support from facilitators created a sense of community and guidance. Equipped with a solid foundation in Six Sigma, I am now equipped with invaluable knowledge and skills for personal and professional growth. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to enhance their understanding of process improvement and quality… Read more “Setting the Pace and Reducing the Waste!”

Deuel Vaughn

The headline says it… Read more “Tom is the best”

joe pollack

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Straight forward and easy to understand approach to problem solving; Practical and… Read more “Straight forward and easy to understand”

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Alicia Ray-Wolfe
Jane Pauley Community Health Center, Shelbyville

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Andrew Brougher
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I’ve learned useful language and tools to better communicate and structure the changes I want to see in my workplace. Highly… Read more “I’ve learned useful language and”

Lauren Wack
Jane Pauley Community Health Center

I enjoyed learning about the waste acronym and how the Six Sigma belts are representation of growth and the beauty in the process of growing. The White Belt training was informative and to be honest I was a little hesitant because I am a hands on learner , but this was… Read more “I enjoyed learning about the”

Janelle Jenkins
Jane Pauley Community Health Center

Course was very thorough and easy to… Read more “Course was very thorough and”

Dawn Houchin
The Jane Pauley Community Health Center

This was an excellent start to my path down Six… Read more “This was an excellent start”

Matthew Reuter
Andrew Burmaster
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A great, easy-to-understand explanation of Six Sigma White… Read more “Great easy to understand explanation”

Jamie Wottowa

Against all odds, a team of one made it! Sometimes, a true challenge turns into a valuable learning experience and a worthy contribution to your organization. Thank you Green Dot… Read more “Met the Challenge”

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Jane Pauley Community Health Center

Great course, easy to follow and fit into my schedule. Learned a great… Read more “Great course, easy to follow”

Daniel Rothenberg

It is rare that you find a program as comprehensive as this one regarding ways to improve your workplace, as well as provide better quality care for the customer/ patient. I anticipate using the yellow belt training to find ways in which I can improve my personal therapeutic practice and plan in terms of becoming a manager for my clinic. Overall, wonderful experience with this… Read more “Excellent training”

Bryant Grider
University of Indianapolis

I just went through this training and immediately applied it to an interview question this week! They search committee was impressed and expressed interest in learning more. I believe it helped me to land the second-round interview! Thanks, Green… Read more “Boost in interview skills”

Kimberly Spencer
UINDY: School of Occupational Therapy
Lauren Wack
Jane Pauley Community Health Centers

Well laid out, easy to understand. Good graphics to help with… Read more “Great 6 Sigma Training”

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Great tips and information about change management. Found the change management tools section especially… Read more “Great tips for change”

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Short course that helps launch a beginning meeting facilitator or serves as reminder for the seasoned professional. I even found a new tool that I’m excited to… Read more “Improve and grow”

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MacAllister Family of Companies

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Felt it was a good framework to have people understand a common ground in terms of their expectation and what is appropriate to meet the needs of the… Read more “Good training”

Bryant Grider
Universoty of Indianapolis, Masters of occupational therapy program
Lena Savoie
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The course was straightforward and offered multiple tools and frameworks I can easily apply in my… Read more “Great framework for thinking about developing efficiency!”

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San Francisco Public Works

I’ve done a few yellow belt trainings at other companies and this one included much more relevant examples than others.… Read more “Very relevant”

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Pension Fund of the Christian Church

This course was amazing. It is an in-depth course that teaches sponsors what they need to know, do, look for and ask to help ensure project… Read more “This course was amazing.”

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University of Indianapolis
Lora mckeand
Jane Pauley Community Health Center

Well talk about information overload. I do mean that in a good way. Going through this training made me change my way of thinking. Im constantly looking for ways to improve things and this definitely made me change my prospective in how I do so. Everything has a process thats for sure. Thanks for this and the… Read more “Good Stuff”

Nicole L Dukes

Even though I currently have Green Belt experience, I was able to pick up useful tools and other ways of thinking through this course.… Read more “Great Course, Great Content”

Chelsea Perry
MacAllister CAT

At the 2024 HSPI Conference in Atlanta, I participated in the design thinking workshop that provided me with enlightening and transformative knowledge. Tom West was a very engaging facilitator who gave the participants a collaborative and creative thinking atmosphere. The workshop not only provided valuable tools, handouts, examples, and techniques for problem-solving but also instilled a deeper understanding of empathy-driven design. Through hands-on templates and Tom’s hair-cutting case study with him and his boys, I gained invaluable insights into user-centric approaches that have since revolutionized my thinking on human-centered design thinking to innovation. Tom’s expertise and passion for design thinking… Read more “That Human Centered Design Spark for Igniting Business Brilliance”

Dr. Deborah L Smith
Dynamic Systems, Innovative People, Process, Technology

The white belt is an interesting platform and I anticipate being able to build new ways of viewing my… Read more “New Learning”

Heather Waymire
Jane Pauley Community Health Center

This training was very informative and great knowledge to add to my… Read more “This training was very informative”

Ally Reckers

The course helped emphasize the importance of effective solution design. I found this course to be particularly helpful in structuring the thought process around how to create a solution that meets customers needs. In some cases, it can be easy to rush through the solution phase, and I think that the focus on factors that should be considered prior to selecting and implementing an appropriate solution were… Read more “The course helped emphasize the importance of empathy”

Chris Lorenger
IU Health Physicians

This course was very easy to follow and quickly identifies entry level Six Sigma concepts. This course builds great foundation to build upon as someone progresses through the… Read more “An easy to understand approach to Six Sigma Basics”

Todd Stipetich

I really enjoyed the Design Thinking Foundations course! The valuable examples, downloadable templates, and interactive sessions equipped me for creative problem solving. Highly recommend this course to anyone interested in understanding and improving the problem through the eyes of the… Read more “I really enjoyed the valuable examples”

Lindsey Cunningham

Tom and the Green Dot team are amazing. They worked with our team to do yellow belt training as well as facilitated multiple change management and process improvement sessions. They are thoughtful, wise and forced us all to think differently. They are and will be a long-term part of our continued growth and improvement… Read more “Integral part of the team”

Nick Smarrelli
GadellNet Consulting Services

Green Dot provides an efficient and effective way to receive white belt training and certification regarding lean six… Read more “An efficient training experience”

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University of Indianapolis School of Occupational Therapy

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Jane Pauley Community Health Center

I really enjoyed the Meeting Management Fundamentals. I got a lot out of… Read more “Thank you!”

Savannah Rehbein
MacAllister Machinery

I found this course overview very helpful in defining the path to take for problem solving and project management. I was able to pull various charts and information sheets to save and utilize for upcoming projects and problem solving in my… Read more “Intro to Project Sponsorhip”

Sara Standlee
The Jane Pauley Health Center

Great introduction into Lean Six… Read more “Great Introduction”

Cody Buttry-Hinkle

Throughout my yellow belt training I found that many of the tools were familiar due to using them in past project, yet a full understand of each tool or the big picture was never developed. Due to my training with the Green Dot Group, I now understand how each tools connects to eliminating waste in our processes and creating value with each… Read more “Closing the Gap”

Chanda Drew
LCMC Health