Improvement is a team sport.

We empower improvement by investing in others. Giving them the skills they need to make and lead change, while waging war on bad process.

Empowerment is essential to any transformation.

Process improvement consulting that empowers.

Starting point

Start where you are.

When you empower others to participate, you get an honest and accurate reflection of where you currently are. Not where you think you are. Or where you think you should be. But a real assessment of where you are and what is possible.


Change happens by the people, not to the people.

When you empower others to participate, you get more ideas than you could possibly act on. And improvement just don’t occur through projects. It begins to occur through everyday activities, as people find ways to add value in little ways, which add up to big results.

Sustainable improvement results

Sustained results.

When you empower others to participate, not only are your results better, they are sustained longer. Because the ideas behind each change came from the people who do the work, accountability to implement the ideas and sustain the ideas will be higher.

Transformation Requires New Thinking.

Never Stop Learning.

Online continuous process improvement tools, templates, and training

Online Learning

Attend one of our multiple online courses. We are working hard to provide you with an amazing learning experience on your schedule. Be sure to check out our Online Courses in the Green Dot Academy.

In-person and Virtual Workshops

We’d love to nerd out with you in person. Be sure to check out our Workshops through the Green Dot Academy.

Tools and Templates

Our Resource Center is full of nerdy stuff. Equip yourself with the tools and templates you will need in order to change the world.

Check out our resource center to access our process improvement tools and templates

We help to improve processes, using Lean Six Sigma and Continuous Process Improvement, because we believe people deserve to work with good, reliable process.


We are passionate about creating processes that help organizations and their employees make an impact – going home each day knowing they made a difference.

Join us as we host conversations about everything improvement.


Nerd out with us as we dream about making the world a better place.


Let's partner to bring about radical and lasting change. Check out our game-changing continuous process improvement consulting services and solutions.

Solutions and Services for Sustained Process Improvement

Strategic Planning & Goal Setting

Support in designing and deploying your organization’s strategy.

Service offerings include:

  • Mission, Vision, Values Creation
  • Scenarios-Based Planning
  • 3-yr and 1-yr Plan – Annual Goal Setting
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Customer Personas
  • Strategy Activation (Catchball)

Professional Training and Certification

Provide work-class professional training, certification, and learning experiences.

Certification offerings include:

  • Design Thinking
  • Lean Six Sigma (White – Black Belt)
  • Change Leadership
  • A3 Thinking
  • Project Sponsorship
  • Project Management Basics

Project and Portfolio Management

Deploy a structured framework for organizing, prioritizing, and executing projects.

Service offerings include:

  •  Project Funnel Development
  • Project Selection
  • Project Governance
  • Project Scorecard
  • Project Planning
  • Rapid Improvement Events

We hope you like to read about continuous process improvement. Because we love to write about it.

What our customer’s are saying…

Great introduction into Lean Six Sigma!

Cody Buttry-Hinkle

I’ve learned a lot from the Green Dot Group. Applying what I’ve learned in their course will make me a more valuable team member.

Rachel Rizzuto

The course content was laid out and organized nicely. Each module wasn’t too lengthy; nice bite-sized chunks to encourage trainees to continue through the course.

Sean O'Brien
San Francisco Public Works

The Yellow Belt course has been quick and easy to follow.

Erika B Breen
The Jane Pauley Community Health Center

Great course! Loved the flashcards feature.

Brooklynn Guerrettaz
University of Indianapolis

This has been a very easy to understand training course.

Erika B Breen
The Jane Pauley Community Health Center

The course is well structured. The combination of words, graphics and video helped me understand the concept and kept me interested.

Joanne Qiao
San Francisco Public Works

Great education

Nicholas Stone

I can appreciate the new perspectives that Green Dot Consulting Group have suggested to better our organization.

Jane Pauley Community Health Center

Tom and the Green Dot team are amazing. They worked with our team to do yellow belt training as well as facilitated multiple change management and process improvement sessions. They are thoughtful, wise and forced us all to think differently. They are and will be a long-term part of our continued growth and improvement teams!

Nick Smarrelli
GadellNet Consulting Services

I really enjoyed working through the Design Thinking Foundations – concepts were easy to follow and examples and templates really added to my understanding.

Serena McArthur

Great course!

Sara Panczyk

I learned new ways to not only approach problem solving, but to approach problem finding. I believe with continued training and mentorship I can grow in my ability to lead projects and to bring forth problems that may not be easily noticeable. I honestly came into Yellow Belt training not wanting to participate because of my full schedule, but I think that I can apply some of these skills to managing my weekly/monthly to do list also. This will allow me to engage in projects more often.

Janelle Jenkins
Jane Pauley Community Health Center

I liked that the videos were short and that the text following them reinforced key concepts. The repetition helped the ideas stick.

Melissa Plew
Pension Fund of the Christian Church

It was a satisfying process to walk through the Design Thinking training! The use of examples really helped concepts stick. I also really appreciated that there were so many downloadable tools included.

Melissa Plew
Pension Fund of the Christian Church

The course was straightforward and offered multiple tools and frameworks I can easily apply in my work.

Michael Khouli
Jane Pauley Community Health Center

This was an informative way of keeping clients and internal employees in mind while change takes effect.

Chesna Goodell

Very thorough insight on project sponsorship and project management

Peter Lau
San Francisco Public Works

The course is great! The information is easily digestible and explained very well.

Tanner Thompson

Very rewarding thus far.

Jane Pauley Community Health Center

Green Dot has been informative and easy to understand throughout my training.

Christina Christenson

The course was a great high level on project management process and the use of continuous improvement tools.

Allison Hudgins
Publix Employees FCU

I found this course overview very helpful in defining the path to take for problem solving and project management. I was able to pull various charts and information sheets to save and utilize for upcoming projects and problem solving in my practice.

Sara Standlee
The Jane Pauley Health Center

This program provided a basis for understanding quality improvement. I appreciate the variety of resources to cater to different learning styles.

Madison Holmberg
UIndy - MOT

I enjoyed learning about the waste acronym and how the Six Sigma belts are representation of growth and the beauty in the process of growing. The White Belt training was informative and to be honest I was a little hesitant because I am a hands on learner , but this was interesting.

Janelle Jenkins
Jane Pauley Community Health Center

This course was amazing. It is an in-depth course that teaches sponsors what they need to know, do, look for and ask to help ensure project success.

Fridaousse Ilanda

Good flow to the course. Parking Lot and WWW are crucial to successful meetings. A meeting with no action items is usually pointless and a waste of time.

Sean O'Brien
San Francisco Public Works

Tom and I have crossed paths in our professional careers many times over the years, but this last year marks a first for us. I brought in him to help a client address Category Six of the Baldrige Framework related to process improvement. He partnered with my client, taught Lean and graduated over ten teams as a Yellow Belt cohort group with tangible and measurable results. This feat was celebrated this last week by the client organization with presentations by each team to senior leadership, Tom and myself. Any consultant knows it is a risk to bring in another consultant… Read more “Great collaborator”

Denise Shields
Shields Resource Group

Against all odds, a team of one made it! Sometimes, a true challenge turns into a valuable learning experience and a worthy contribution to your organization. Thank you Green Dot Group!

Terri Kyle
Jane Pauley Community Health Center

Thanks so much for such a helpful course. I enjoyed the content and implementing what we learned into our real-life work settings. These topics are not something we learn in school so I’m grateful that my workplace offered this important training. I look forward to using what I learned and making it stick to more aspects of my job!

Julie An
SF Public Works

I love the train-at-your-pace setup in addition to the written and video coursework.

Rachel Rizzuto
GadellNet Consulting Services

Mr. Thomas West is one of the top professionals in Six Sigma/Lean worldwide. He led me through some Black Belt projects and he was my mentor during my preparation for MBB. He has a wide knowledge and experience in several areas of Six Sigma (PESTEL, SWOT, Strategic Deployment Goals, Business Systems and Process Management, Lean, DMAIC, ….). He is one of the best Six Sigma/Lean consultants/trainers who can guide and support professionals for all the levels of Six Sigma.

Husain Al-Omani

A great, easy-to-understand explanation of Six Sigma White Belt.

Jamie Wottowa

This 5S training provides specific steps to organize workspaces. It also could be used at home!

Susan Husselbee
Pension Fund of the Christian Church

The content delivery supports various types of learning. I enjoyed applying the information by matching real-life examples to the terms.

Sara Panczyk

I found value in all of the information that was presented to me for the White Belt Certification.

Sara Standlee
The Jane Pauley Health Center

I’ve learned useful language and tools to better communicate and structure the changes I want to see in my workplace. Highly Recommend!

Lauren Wack
Jane Pauley Community Health Center

Great course! I liked the mini quizzes during the course.

Brooklynn Guerrettaz

I really enjoyed this course! The content and delivery are great, but it also reminded me about the importance of the voice of the customer. How many times do we make assumptions about what solutions our customers want without seeking more information about their experiences and what they need? This course breaks it all down- the why, who, what, and how. You’ll see lots of pro tips related to assembling a team, best practices for each step in the process, and pitfalls to avoid. Descriptions and examples of how to use the tools, as well as downloadable templates help participants… Read more “Looking for a way to include the voice of the customer in your next project? This Design Thinking course has everything you need!”

Karen Snyder
IU Health

I really enjoyed the Design Thinking Foundations course! The valuable examples, downloadable templates, and interactive sessions equipped me for creative problem solving. Highly recommend this course to anyone interested in understanding and improving the problem through the eyes of the customer.

Lindsey Cunningham

Tom’s teaching is very hopeful. The detail in which he explains the concepts really make sure that they are driven home. Combine that with quizzes and practical examples and the concepts really start to sit in.

Landon Galenski

This course and all of the tools are really helpful and will be utilized as I work on future improvement projects.

Kerri Novak

I have really enjoyed this training so far. I love how the material is easy to read and understand.

Leilanie Diaz Cortes
Jane Pauley Community Health Clinic

This tremendous entry-level course laid out what future curriculum may include. 10/10 would recommend it!

Austin Schultz
GadellNet Consulting Services

Sponsor training was very informative and helped gain perspective on project management, how to help the team to shift direction if needed, and follow a clear roadmap to achieve goals for improvement.

Cecille Jayo
Jane Pauley CHC

Mr. West spearheaded quality improvement training for our leadership team and members of our quality council. The focus of the training was to help our leaders and caregivers evaluate and improve organizational processes to create a world-class patient experience, increase process reliability, and enhance workforce satisfaction. Learners enrolled in the course discovered new ways to approach problem-solving and the mindset to make and lead change. The partnership was a success, with learners commencing from the 2021 cohort. To assist in our relentless pursuit of excellence, Mr. West will facilitate a second cohort Yellow Belt Training to evaluate, prioritize, and execute… Read more “Spearheaded Quality Improvement Program”

Patrick Wooten
Jane Pauely Community Health Center

Useful teaching on basics of Lean Six Sigma.

Andrew Brougher
Jane Pauley Health Center

I have really enjoyed learning a better way to make improvements to our office and procedures.

Erika B Breen
The Jane Pauley Community Health Center

Lines everything out clearly and effectively. Explains the key concepts with great visuals!

Todd Stipetich

Just starting training and I am already planing out ways to utilize the beginning processes I have learned so far! Much more to come!

Brian Friese

Excellent, and unironically clear and concise training. 10/10!

Joe Pollack

Organizational change is challenging, but when you are able to get team members to agree on a common set of principles to drive change, while thinking systemically about how change impacts the org as a whole, the process gets easier. Grateful our team is taking on this collective learning. We are already seeing the payoff.

Geoffrey Brewster
Pension Fund of the Christian Church

As someone who is in a TON of meetings, I’m hoping everyone on my team will adopt these practices so that our time is used more efficiently.

Kate Hurst
Pension Fund of the Christian Church

Very knowledgeable and great for teaching me how to improve my own processes in and out of work as well.

Matthew O'Meara
GadellNet Consulting

I appreciate having a formal treatment of this topic. It should really help any organization to align on established best practices and use a common language. I’m looking forward to improving how we improve.

Matt Bollinger
GadellNet Consulting Services

This course was very easy to follow and quickly identifies entry level Six Sigma concepts. This course builds great foundation to build upon as someone progresses through the belts!

Todd Stipetich

Great organization of the material for optimal learning!

Khloe Kesler

I worked with Tom West and Green Dot at Hill Physicians in San Ramon, CA. We were in the process of revamping our informatics support model. This involved a refocus from pure education of providers and staff to one of change management. Tom was able to see my vision and tailored a plan to implement a Lean/ Six Sigma training and adoption plan for staff. Employees were trained and certified as yellow belts and we set up a program of mentorship with the goal of growing them into green and black belts. The projects that the new yellow belts were… Read more “Tailored training plan”

Jeff Goggans

Truly enjoyed the interactive learning process of understanding the lean six sigma process!

Abbie Alter

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